Who We Serve

Proudly Serving both Public and Private sectors since 1994

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At PRISM we have a long-standing business performance reputation that spans across all branches of the U.S. military. We help our defense customers implement innovative technologies to support mission-critical needs. Our experts bring tools, techniques, and operational performance in consulting to define and implement the right solutions. In a world faced with increased military responsibilities yet declining budgets, we bring competitive solutions that can help bridge the divide. As a leader in hiring Veterans, we are able to unite our honored employees with missions to create “IT Relationships that Work.”

Providing 24x7 infrastructure engineering support services also allows our customers to secure sustainable and dependable operations. We are honored to deliver the best-in-service and IT advancements with the aim of defending our nation.

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Homeland Security

We are proud to serve the Department of Homeland Security in countless capacities to help protect our nation. From helping to secure our borders to keeping travelers safe, PRISM is making a positive contribution to counter-terrorism. We share in the mission of the Department of Homeland Security by providing vital IT services to secure the nation from the many threats we face.

Delivering immediate and secure IT strategies and teams allows our customers to respond quickly and efficiently in the event of a disaster. From web incident management to systems engineering to business intelligence, our mission is to “help protect at all costs.”

Data intelligence, monitoring, and threat detection will continue to help Homeland Security and law enforcement teams address some of the most difficult issues facing this Country. At PRISM we stay committed to the ongoing challenge of keeping America safe.

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PRISM serves our public by helping to address wide-ranging technology needs for civilian customers. We help to revolutionize transactional experiences by updating and modernizing IT technology. Some of our most prominent contributions include advancement for healthcare transactions, enhancements to retirement systems, and security for aviation systems.

Our technical expertise brings value to our communities by helping customers adapt to commercially available solutions. We foster relationships with mission-based initiatives to continue to help our general public in modernizing systems for the digital age.

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We have provided a full range of IT services to customers in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. With a focus on the healthcare mission, PRISM helps transform information systems to improve healthcare access, data retrieval, and analytics. Our goal is to help improve technology efficiencies leading to better communication and overall patient outcomes.

We protect the confidentiality of patient records through effective cybersecurity and advanced IT infrastructure. We leverage technology to advance public health by improving business outcomes.

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Our technical playbook and quick adaptiveness allow us to make an impact on the technology initiatives of our Fortune 500 customers in the private sector.

Our performance and business relationships in the communications, media, hospitality, education, and insurance industries favors us to engage in unique technical projects of varying scope and size.

Collaboration with commercial partners enables us to navigate the technology ecosystem with a cutting-edge perspective.


We are looking for highly motivated individuals who want to make a significant impact