What We Do

Technology Innovation, Modernization, and Infrastructure

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We sustain dynamic performance by revolutionizing IT advancements and providing security services to protect our nation. As businesses and individuals rely more on wireless networks to improve performance and efficiency, the threat of data exploitation has increased.

Securing your systems and applications is our number one priority. Basic threats from phishing to sophisticated hack attempts on your system can mean compromised data and information that can devastate your business. PRISM safeguards your digital assets by utilizing security technology that not only protects your infrastructure but shields your data from being accessed by unauthorized users.

PRISM partners with our clients to help develop and provide IT security services to ensure that their assets are protected. Our team provides security engineering, penetration testing, security policy and 24x7 Security Operation Center support.

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Our certified cloud experts design intelligent, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure solutions that are cost-effective and help optimize performance. PRISM modernizes next-generation IT environments while protecting your data.

We collaborate with corporate stakeholders to determine your cloud-based needs and provide you with the right solution. Whether its a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution, we ensure your systems are properly functioning for the future.

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Application Development

We develop applications as an innovative solution to modernize company systems and improve day-to-day business efficiency and effectiveness. Creating user-friendly, data-centric, and result-driven enterprise applications, we ensure that your business operations will run smoother and achieve higher performance standards.

We make life easier by providing full stack development in a scaled agile environment. Our application development approach enhances the speed of delivery, functionality, and responsiveness of business applications.

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Critical missions require mission-critical support. It is paramount for us to protect your business with an enhanced and robust IT infrastructure. PRISM provides essential support as it relates to replacing aging equipment, securing your infrastructure, and backing up your current and future data. We assist with disaster recovery, server virtualization, mobilization, around-the-clock monitoring, and IT security.

In addition, for solutions that must operate within your own IT infrastructure, PRISM helps lower costs through optimization, automation, and readiness-assessment. We execute large-scale migrations to set up new data centers and infrastructure instances nationwide.

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Enterprise IT Solutions

Let us maintain, manage, and update your applications and infrastructure so your teams can focus on new mission-critical tasks. We specialize in end-to-end IT solutions to fit your business needs by providing IT resources for adaptive engagements.

When your business objectives and internal processes and procedures are not aligned, success rarely follows. Over the years organizations have recognized the importance of technology and how the return on investment is greater when enterprise IT is orchestrated efficiently. PRISM helps turn Enterprise IT into a service-based organization, giving customers the ability to achieve their strategic business goals. By helping customers pivot to new technologies, we keep them ahead of their competition.


Engineering on Demand

PRISM provides on-demand engineering solutions to deliver a flexible and cross-functional IT engineering workforce. Modern times call for modern methods of engineering. Improving resource scalability to meet the changing needs of your program thus reducing payroll and operational costs. We handle your scheduling for on-demand performance providing an instant gap solution to meet deliverables on time.

Engineering on Demand - providing a virtual, secure, and modernized model


We are looking for highly motivated individuals who want to make a significant impact