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Since 1994, we have delivered excellence in IT professional services. We are dedicated to your professional achievement and satisfaction.
Financial Rewards
We offer competitive compensation to our consultants.
Employer Access
We offer direct access to several Fortune 500 companies and their hiring managers. These companies partner with us because of our proven performance in the IT industry.
Timely Transitions
Employers rely on us to fill their most challenging positions.  As a result, we always have a wealth of opportunities available when you are transitioning between engagements.  Our full-time recruitment specialists will quickly work to understand your needs and identify challenging, high-profile assignments.   
Search Efficiency
We expedite the job search process by utilizing our industry network and taking advantage of tenured company relationships.  We can rapidly provide you with potential positions based on your specific skill set and expertise.    
We offer contract, contract to hire, and permanent placement.  We cater to your needs to help you find the perfect career opportunity.
With our nationwide network of clients, we can connect you with  the perfect job openings in your area.  
View our current cleared (requires clearance) and non cleared (no clearance required) career opportunities and submit your resume today!

“The team at PRISM is highly effective at matching my skill set with the type of organizations that I would be happy and successful at.  The opportunities they have provided me are among the best that I have had.  My technical expertise has grown as a direct result.  I have found everyone to be extremely professional, always prompt and energetic on my behalf.  They have always kept me informed throughout the process and remain engaged long after I am placed.  If you are looking for a new opportunity, PRISM should be the first place you start.” – Sr. .NET Developer


"I am a strong believer in luck and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”
Benjamin Franklin